Trend Thursday – Feathers and Fur Jewellery… // OhKay-DohKay

Feather trend

 Another week, another trend and this week we are talking textures, furs and feathers to be precise, which are currently adorning every type of jewellery you can imagine. It’s no longer a trend for the fringes of society, for the cool and bohemian kids as this summer it’s a trend for the masses.

The festival goer // Festival season is here again and why not use it as an opportunity to get fashionably creative? This amazingly dramatic River Island ear cuff (£20.00) is the perfect opportunity to do just that but it is not for the faint hearted.

The feather phobe // Not quite ready to take a huge leap in to the texture trend, then why not start with something simple, easy to wear and versatile? This gorgeous Topshop necklace (£8.50) does just that and ticks all the box whilst remaining subtle and easy to pull off.

The could be designer // These pom pom earrings from River Island (£8.00) are suspiciously similar to Timo Weiland’s SS15 offering but for those with smaller purse strings they are perfect for nailing the trend. The pastel pink and white will look incredibly stylish come summer and will compliment softer toned outfits perfectly.

A ring thing // The easiest way to embrace this trend is to chose a dainty, gold ring and this River Island example is perfect for just that. At £4.00 it is an absolute steal and I have already grabbed a few for my make-up box.

Bangle Dangle // Bangles are huge at the moment and this River Island piece (£6.00) hits the nail on the head and is another easy way to add some texture to your jewellery. For added style points, if possible, wear it as high up your arm as you can.

Are you brave enough to try this trend?


The dangers of fake make-up… // OhKay-DohKay


The internet has made it ten times easier for us price conscious consumers to seek out bargains a-go-go and why not? At the end of the day we are a nation that is incredibly brand conscious and attach many naively positive assumptions to the possession of such designer luxurious. It’s therefore no surprise that fake imitations are popping up everywhere and gone are the days when they were hard to get hold of because these days they look the part and are dangerously easy to get your hands on. We Brits do love a good deal.The thing is, in some cases, the fakes are so legitimate in appearance that you might not even know it on the first inspection.

But if you were in any doubt these are the reasons why you should avoid fake beauty items.

Why not to buy a fake?

Allergies // The designer brands are regulated by numerous bodies, numerous laws and numerous standards so they have to make clear what products they use in their cosmetics. It is therefore far harder for them to miss sell you anything and if they do, it will be a lot easier to prove this point. However when you buy a fake product they are more hidden from the law. They can technically (and do) use what they like and numerous fake products have previously been proven to contain dangerous levels of other chemicals such as lead, arsenic and copper. Is it really worth the risk?

Disappointment // If you buy what looks like a legitimate MAC lipstick, only to discover that it is very much a fake version, you are going to be devastated and very disappointed. The quality won’t be the same and you might as well have used the money to buy a cheaper Revlon alternative. Sadly disappointment is inevitable with fake cosmetics.

How to spot a fake?

Ask for lots and lots of pictures // This is crucial if you are considering purchasing a used designer item because it will help you make a better judgement. Ask for genuine pictures (get your name to be written in paper in the shot) and make sure they aren’t just any stock pictures (a quick google will help) and ask for them from all possible angles. If you have a friend that is beauty savy or are a member of a Facebook group, don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion because many of them will help you decide.

Do research // Take time to google the exact shade or product that you are tempted to buy and play close attention to the packaging and texture of the item. Make sure you use them to compare the item you are looking at. A quick google will also show you the tips and tricks to spotting a fake, even if it’s a good one , there are a few simple tricks for telling the difference.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is // If the item seems extremely good to be true, it probably is and always have that in the back go your mind.

 Have you had a bad experience?


Fashion Friday – PJ bottoms… // OhKay-DohKay

PJ bottoms

When fashion and comfort combine something pretty special happens, there is no other way to explain it. It’s fashion at it’s finest, even if it makes Largerfield cry with pure hared. So breath a sigh of relief because SS15 is scattered with comfy pieces and pyjama-type pants are no exception.

These baggy little numbers are the key to comfy style this summer and are ideal for staying stylish while on long-haul flights or easy summer chic. They come in all shapes and sizes, with every whim, need and summertime trend perfectly catered for. Yet it can be a tricky trend to pull off, so here are my top tips for nailing the trend this summer.

Tailored top half // The key to killing this trend is to create the perfect silhouette and to do that you want to keep your top half looking neat, tucked in and tidy. Look for tailored type vests, skinny cami’s or fitted vest T-shirts and use bright colours to lift any outfit.

Gold classic jewellery // There it is a again, gold, the accessory colour of the season. Use gold accessories to add polish to any outfit and use them to tie the trend together. Opt for precious stones or triangle shapes for extra style points.

A kitsch clutch bag // A pretty kitsch bag will add an extra something to literally any outfit and it’s crucial to glam up a pair of baggy pants. I am loving the Aztec style clutches that are hijacking the high-street. They add an instant pop of style, colour and life to any look.

Heel thing // If you, like me, are a little on the short side then heeled sandals are your miracle accessory this season because they will glam up a pair of basic pj pants. Heeled sandals are the perfect glamorous SS15 piece and really bring an outfit together. Look for gorgeous colours, metallics and cork heels for the perfect shoe solution and ware them to prevent an outfit looking frumpy.

For more information take a look at how Claire form G is Gingers styled hers. I loved this look, feminine, pretty and chic.

Do you love the PJ trend?


Trend Thursday – Precious Stones…// OhKay-DohKay


Does anyone else remember Heidi and her very strange husband Spencer? And do you remember their weird fascination with all things crystal, hippie-like and pretty-but-not-to-the-extent-they-took-it? Well it turns out that they were actually on to something because this year precious stones are back and in a big, fashion changing way. It could be the solution to Speidi’s previous money problems and maybe Spencer should consider selling that huge crystal to one of the high-street stores, it can be used to make pretty on-trend pieces for the rest of us.

It is a really easy trend to embrace and an easy way to update your SS15 style, here are my top tips on how to add them now.

Authenticity // Ignore those gem stones that look too pretty to be true and abandon the perfectly shaped gems because this time around the trend is rough, ready and oh so pretty. The key is to look for pieces that look as if they have just been carved from the rock face, so imperfections are your best friend.

Royal Red and Green // Rich ruby and lust-worthy emerald are the key colours to ensure the look stays modern and updated. The richer the colour the better, so look for bold colours that will pop against any outfit you chose.

Gold // How many times have I mentioned gold over the last few months? What can I say, it’s a metal that has made a huge return to our jewellery boxes. Look for traditional gold chains adorned with gems-a-plenty and with that in mind you can’t go far wrong.

Are you loving the stone trend?


Fashion Friday – Suede thing… // OhKay-DohKay


(New Look, £27.99 normally but £17.99 on sale)

I love textured-type fashion, I love how easy they are to wear and how quickly they can give you a style update. Yet suede tends to be one of the more difficult fabrics to pull off. If you’re a clumsy girl, like me, then it’s likely that suede will fill you with a sense of dread or you might even avoid it at all costs. We’ve all worn suede shoes and boots in the rain, only to find out first hand that it’s not a good combination. But try as you might there is no getting away from this tricky trend this year because suede is huge and it’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future!

Are you wearing suede?


Trend Thursday – Money, money, money… // OhKay-DohKay

Coin trend

When I was younger I ALWAYS wanted to be Esmerelda, I loved her gorgeous long, curly hair and the colour’s on her outfit seemed so luxurious. So imagine my excitement when Santa (aka my amazing mother) finally bought me her costume. I literally remember living in that outfit, I wore it day in day out and it was the source of much conflict as my parents tried to wrestle me from it. The best bit about the outfit was the little golden coins that hung delicately from the pretty purple sash, I loved how they looked, I loved how they sounded and I loved overall look. So can you imagine my utter delight that coins are finally back in fashion.

It was at the Dolce and Gobanna SS14 show that we first saw coins take the runway and they adorned everything from dresses to pretty pieces of jewellery. So it was only a matter of time before they were added to the collections of our favourite stores. They started to appear in last years collections but this year they have finally taken over the jewellery racks and adorn every possible type of bling. The best thing about this trend  is that the gold will look incredible atop a summer tan.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces.

Double engraved gold coin necklace // (£6.50, Topshop) I wonder if Holly Willoughby has a trendsetting sixth sense because her coin necklace is never far from her neckline. This subtle, simple and easy to wear necklace is the easiest way to add the coin look to your wardrobe and is especially appropriate for those that are fearful of wearing too much jewellery. This will look gorgeous for any occasion, whether it be the office or dinner with colleagues and is the perfect choice for everyday wearability. I particularly love how it looks with lower necklines.


Image taken from here.

Gold Coin Repeater Necklace // (£12.00, River Island) If you’re a “go hard or go home” kind of person then the above option is likely to be on the too safe side of the spectrum for your bold and confident style. In that case this pretty River Island necklace is far more likely to tick all your boxes and will look gorgeous with your summer outfits. This will be your best friend if you’re looking for a lazy glam-upping tool and it will immediately refresh any plain outfit.

Gold toned repeater anklet // (6.00, River Island) If you’re not a huge necklace fan than a gorgeous anklet is the perfect alternative because as the 90s have a revival so to do these pretty pieces of jewellery. Worn with a gorgeous day dress, a pair of funky pedal pushers or denim shorts, this versatile piece is the perfect alternative.

Fabric and Coin drop necklace // (£16.50, Topshop) If you can’t wear coin jewellery at a festival then when the heck can you and this pretty, playful necklace is perfect for every festival goer. It’s pretty hippy vibe will pull together any thrown together outfit and an instant style update!

So do you like the coin trend?


Tuesday Tips – Managing Stress… // OhKay-DohKay


Ah stress, fun isn’t it?

But let’s be honest here, at some point in our very busy, ambition driven lives we all suffer from it and knowing how to handle it can make the world of difference. It’s the difference between the good kind of stress (that makes you reorganise, reassess and thrive) and the bad kind of stress (that ensures you end up on your back in front of the TV, eating Ben and Jerrys from the tub while pandering the numerous better uses that there are for your time). Now don’t get me wrong the last option is fun and when used as a relaxation technique it’s perfectly acceptable but it’s not ok when it’s the result of “brain drain” or pure stress.

I’ve been there. Believe me have I been there but getting older definitely has its perks and knowing what stress looks like and how to handle it is definitely one of them. And hey if all else fails at least there is always cocktails, another perk of growing up.

Colour // I’ve always found colouring to be relaxing and boy am I thrilled that grown up colouring has become a thing. No longer do I have to colour quietly in the corner. I’ve taken to carrying a small colouring book in my handbag and if I ever feel the need to relax or refocus my mind, I know exactly where to go!

Organise // Organisation is crucial to ensuring you feel in control and organised and is less likely to leave you feeling under huge pressure. Make to do lists every week and each morning sit down and decide which items need doing and when. Use this list to make sure that you complete the hardest tasks first because this will make the world of difference.

Schedule you time // I’m someone that likes to schedule everything, I thrive under routine but I’m definitely guilty of neglecting me time and all too often fill my time with tasks and things that I need to do. I work from home a lot and have been known to work until 10pm, without switching off, without relaxing and as a result it often leads to late nights and bad productivity. These days I try my hardest to finish everything by 5pm (I say that now at 9pm, so clearly it’s something with which I am still struggling) but scheduling “me time” really does help.

Commuting time // Unless you’re very lucky and happen to live near your work place or you regularly work from home, commuting is likely to be a part of your every day routine. If you, like me, are forced to endure the perils of public transport why not put that time to good use and use it as time to relax before and after work. I love reading books, I love reading the news and I love reading magazines so I use this time to do this often forgotten hobby.

What tips would you add to the list?